Emerald Insight

February 18, 2020

You have access to free trial to the Emerald Premier eJournals
We have signed up to a free trial with Emerald Group Publishing Limited giving you access to high quality, peer reviewed management research. eJournals Premier is a most comprehensive, cross-disciplinary journal database, featuring the latest peer-reviewed, international research in both established and emerging areas of interest.
The free trial has been set up for a 2 month period (October 17 – December 17) and during this time you will have full access to high quality international content of 305 ejournals. You can reach the content at www.emeraldinsight.com and also search by subject;
• Accounting, Finance & Economics
• Business, Management & Strategy
• Education
• HR, Learning & Organizational Studies
• Health & Social Care
• Information & Knowledge Management
• Marketing
• Operations, Logistics & Quality
• Property Management & Built Environment
• Public Policy & Environmental Management
• Tourism & Hospitality
• Engineering
• Library Studies
At the end of the free trial please provide any feedback to your librarian.
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